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What is the Internet of Things

The role of the internet in day to day life of social beings which, creates the ease to perform activities at fingertips generally, refers to the term Internet of Things.

The swift rise in the use of the internet which, lends the data of different devices stored and shared using AI, 7through sensors is the Internet on Things.

While elaborating on the term Internet of Things,  let us look at the examples of the same.

Amazon Alexa and Google assistant is a familiar device and software that communicates, understands, and responds to the human voice as a personal assistant.

Home security systems provide the safety of humans from natural calamities or theft with the help of motion sensors around at home.

There are different levels of IoT, level one to level 7 as of now.


Level 1: Level 1 of IoT is perform by a single device that stores and senses around, for instance, AC.

Level 2: The higher level of availability to since the temperature compared to level 1 where the data is stored cloud-based.

Level 3: The cloud-based storage and operation or performance did by AI, with the help of an app such as agricultural applications.

Level 4: SPL is an example of level 4 IoT where data is cloud-based and used using applications through IoT devices.

Level 5: Level 5 operates with more than one end node and a single coordinator to perform the wireless functions.

Level 6: Level 6 of IoT is based on cloud storage by multiple end nodes that are independent. These nodes collect data from various end nodes and analyze the result and store it accordingly.

Level 7: Level 7 performs the collaboration and process of data which is named as the user side layer also



About Us

We want to create a revolution in technology and fashion in India and take it to the world.

The Internet of Things is a blanket term for the concept of connecting any computer to the Internet and other connected devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a widespread network of interconnected things and people that gather and exchange data about how they are in use and the world around them.

IoT Role in the fashion industry

IoT has a big hand in the growth of the fashion industry and its revenue through online trading techniques and access around the world.

Apart from the discussions of the internet helping to grow the revenue of the textile industry, the other aspect that comes forward is the internet and fashion relation.

Technology has a rapid growth in the fashion industry designing, out-of-the-box products to simplify living.

For instance, the most familiar fashion accessories include the smartwatch, which measures blood pressure, heartbeat, etc.

Similarly, certain products in the market analyze your needs and perform accordingly, such as Smart cap, Denim, sweatshirt, etc.

These were the few products mentioned a lot to be discovered to check on the tremendous growth of technology and the Internet of Things in fashion.

Garments are designed with the latest technology to describe variations and are the latest trends growing in the fashion world.

The technology is grown extremely smart that isn’t just reading your heartbeat or counting steps, working beyond boundaries with the help of sensors; Garments designed to read messages and give replies just by a swipe.

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The quality service provided by IoT fashion is top grade; the guidelines of our services include punctuality, proficiency, and satisfaction of the clients. IoT fashion brings great price package deals for premium quality services with excellent results.

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The Top companies that have designed fashion technology garments or products include Bosch, Ivyrevel, Cisco, Intel, Nike, Loomia are companies among others. Companies are creating technology to trend in upcoming years for fashion. Due to the pandemic, there is a much delay in production and services; therefore, manufacturers need to be fast to match up the trending needs of users and gear up to produce and launch the garments as early as possible to make up the damage and trend.

The manufacturers deal with a full-fledged scope to understand the needs and desires of customers in various aspects. With the rapid growth of technology used in fashion projects trend due to its unique style and features, users are intended to try the latest technology in textiles. However, the inbuilt sensor function attracts the users for its benefits in the health, business, and entertainment sector in various ways.

While choosing a manufacturing company for your fashion products, these qualities can help you bring your ideas and product outcome as expected. The quality service provided by the company, its management in security, integrity, communication, and manufacturing is an important aspect.

The moto of IoT fashion is to build relationships with our customers to fulfill the desired demands on technology function in the fashion industry. Moreover, we work on specific rules and regulations that guide us through a protocol working with different sections in the manufacturing of products such as scalability, pricing on the structure of the product, alert security systems with backup, customizable dashboard, bandwidth, edge intelligence, data integration, smooth installation, and clear communication.

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